William Bentley Billiards

Makers & restorers of the world's most beautiful Billiard, Snooker & Pool tables. Hand-crafted in the UK.


Whether you want a table on which to play Snooker, Pool, US, Russian, French or English billiards – we believe you want a billiard table, or maybe a dual-purpose billiard dining table. We also believe that people appreciate quality craftsmanship, and the opportunity to have beautiful furniture, hand made to their own, individual specifications. i.e. truly Bespoke.

Our aim, therefore, is to work with our clients to to create their perfect, personalised table, accessories and lighting.

Our family-run business began with the restoration, renovation and reproduction of Antique billiard tables. Along the way, we discovered the dual-purpose dining tables that were so popular in the Victorian era, and did our best to re-produce and re-create these wonderful peices of furniture. Over the years we have refined and developed the mechanisms that transform the tables from dining tables to playing tables, and our client’s increasingly diverse requirements for these and for bespoke pool, snooker and billiards tables, have led us to make more and varied designs.

Using different woods & metals, with personally selected finishes and details, introducing new leg designs & cushion surrounds to alter the ‘silhouette’, many designs have been re-iterated many times. Some have been so strikingly individual they are effectively unique. Most importantly, our focus has always been on producing individual pieces of the highest quality. As a result we have become globally renowned amongst private clients and Interior designers, for the beauty and attention to detail of our craftsmen’s work.


Whether your search is for an Antique, second-hand, bespoke or replica table, for billiards, snooker or for pool, for a stunning contemporary rollover or an elegant wind-up dual- purpose table for dining and playing, you are sure to find either exactly what you are looking for or the inspiration to specify your very own custom-made and designed table.